exquisite corpse, 2019

The Exquisite Corpse began as an exercise amongst the Surrealist Movement. In this exercise, this group of artists worked on a section of a body, with no knowledge of what their peers were doing in their respective section, then these sections would be combined into a composite being. This group of artists were drawn together by the desire to collaborate and see what unforeseen product we could make. 

We decided to use the Surrealist concept of the corpse as a site for literal collaboration because of our shared curiosity with the body. The actual corpse became a communal site where we could work through our own ideas of the body, and also to further explore the limits of what makes an exquisite corpse: to what extent can we discuss our processes and what parameters must we set when working. The Surrealist mode was one working in blindness; we were interested in what happens in discussion, in socialization, and in communal making as female artists.

My work (in the middle of the room) acted as the heart of the body, the engine of the human body, connecting the parts together as a whole. The viewers had to walk "through" the body to experience an exquisite corpse that is literally pumping "blood" throughout the exhibition.